Lighting Productions Limited is based in England, providing lighting design, programming, lighting control and lighting data processing solutions to lighting hire companies, productions and events worldwide.

As lighting control gets more complex and consoles more diverse, detailed knowledge and new solutions are required for the best results. Through our links, which include some of the biggest equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, we have access to most consoles and controller types available and are able to provide independant advice on all the different options.

Along with our own extensive experience, we have links with lighting designers, programmers & operators, lighting hire companies, visual production companies, media server operators, content providers, manufacturers, production companies and event companies completely covering all your show or event production needs.

In 2017 Lighting Productions Limited agreed to sell the equipment from its hire operations to Illuminate Lighting Limited. It has become necessary to clarify that, contrary to announcements which Mr Jonathan Pask of Illuminate Lighting Limited has made, his company merely made an agreement to purchase equipment from Lighting Productions Limited and at no time has either Mr Pask or his company purchased or owned Lighting Productions Limited.